Home page of the PCAA site re-design.

An "interior" page, heavy with textual content.

An "interior" page, heavy with textual content.

Part of the process: an audit of current site contents, displayed in a site map.

Part of the process: revised site map for improved UX.

PCAA redesign

Product details: Four fully-functioning pages (HTML and CSS)--complete web design, both back- & front-end (creative brief & user research, sitemap & current content audit, moodboard, wireframe, sitemap for redesign, Photoshop site sketches, process book)

Prevent Child Abuse of America had a wealth of information and a variety of other resources available online, but a website that suffered from poor information architecture and an unappealing design. This redesign required a full site audit and adherence to a typical web design process, including user research, mood boards, sitemaps & wireframes and sketch mockups in Photoshop. Four fully-functioning pages, coded from scratch, included a home page, two text-heavy interior pages and a tertiary page demonstrating the new site style.

Coincidentally, while working on the project, PCAA.org recognized the need for a site redesign themselves, and their new site was launched mid-2013.